Who Am I?

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Who Am I with Roslyn Williams

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1.  As we grow and mature from young ladies to women we go through several transformations. What would you say is a common cause of these transformations?

I would say a common cause of these transformations are experiences and a sense of awareness of God and Yourself. Experiences should definitely be a Great teacher. Our experiences allow us to see things in a broader prospective not just linear. I remember before I relocated and started to travel the world my prospective was very narrow and limited. Now, that I have traveled and relocated it has allowed me to interact with many different people which has lead to many different experiences. Some of the experiences have not been anything that I would have ever prayed for however it found its way intertwined into my life; That alone helped me to grow and realize that life is going to happen even if you don’t expect it to.Through my experiences it has allowed me to trust in God and have faith. I have realized that the scripture is so true, “All things work together for the good to those that love the Lord and call according to His purpose.” I have also developed an awareness of myself and what I like and don’t like based on my experiences. As the great saying goes, “To Thine Own-self Be True.” I have transformed into a woman that loves God and that is aware of who she is and what she wants.

2. In our book Tidbits for Women we discuss spending time with you and getting to know yourself. Please give us an example of how you spend time with yourself and what positive effects does it have on your relationships with others?

Spending time with myself is vital. This is a chance for me to spend time with God. When I want to spend time with myself, I go to a DaySpa and spend the day there. I also go hiking, walking, dinner, movies, skating or a coffee shop. This allows me to reflect on my relationship with God and ask Him for direction regarding my relationships with others. I remember one day while I was hiking, God reminded me of the people that I have a broken relationship with and directed me to develop a list and call each person and meet them face to face to discuss the issues that lie between us. Spending Time with myself also rejuvenates me and gives me a reprieve from the outside chatter. Spending time with yourself is essential because you learn what you really think when it is just you feeding your own thoughts.

3. If you could tell women how God has played a part in you becoming who you are today, what would you tell them?

God is everything to me and has been a powerful force in my life. My mother died when I was 3 years old. My father raised me by himself. Now that I look back, God’s hand was in my life. God brought a lady into my life that became my God-mother. She helped raise me as if I was her own. She taught me the value of grammar and arithmetic. She taught me the importance of pronunciation of words and how to speak clearly. She taught me the value of going to college, cooking, sewing, playing an instrument. My earthly father taught me the value of knowing God, worshiping Him, keeping my word, working and survival. Each person that God has brought into my life has added MUCH value to my life. God has used many people to help me become who I am today and He has used me to help people become who He intends for them to become.

4. How do you think women lose their identity? How do you think women’s identity should line up with Christ?

Many woman lose their identity because they never ask God who they are. Many woman have an Identity Crisis because they believe what someone has told them about themselves. They become confused and identify themselves with the name that their first Offender used to address them. Well as you know the Devil does not have any new tricks so he later uses someone new to deliver the same message that they heard when they were 8 years old. The feelings and emotions that you felt when you were eight yrs old immediately came back to hunt you. You start to believe that your identity must be tied to the names that you have been called all your life. One person may have gotten it wrong but certainly not 4 people. The only way to break free of this bondage is to ask God who you are and what is your purpose in life. God will show you who you are and help you to align yourself with your purpose according to who you are in Him.

5. We understand that many times, who we are, revolves around what we do professionally. You are the radio host of Life Matters Today, in the process of writing a book, and love people. How are all those things tied into who you are? How did you discover your way?

My purpose in life is to ultimately lead people to Christ first and foremost. My gift is what I use to lead them to Christ. My gift is teaching, encouraging, inspiring, motivating, loving and helping people to break free of their past that keeps them bound. Now, because my focus should always be Christ centered, my gift should make room for me. Developing Life Matters Today radio show was inspired because I want to lead a multitude of people to Christ. I lead them by encouraging them and letting them know that their issues of their past does not have to keep them bound. God wants them to live life Abundantly. I can bring people to Christ in a non-threatening way by showing them the love of God and His presents in their life. I discovered my way through asking God what was His purpose for me. When I did, I didn’t hear an audible voice however, God started directing me to people, places and things. He also revealed His purpose for me through writing. I wrote down the things that I enjoy doing and the things that I am good at doing. Those things were so in line with one another. When I asked God how will I accomplish those things He revealed to me through radio. Wow, never had any experience on the radio however when I look back over my life remember I said earlier that I had a God Mother that taught me how to articulate and pronounce words, remember I said that she taught me the value of going to college, remember I said that my father taught me the importance of knowing God. Well, my way was being mapped out for me and I was on a journey that would soon lead me to my purpose in Life.

6. What would be your advice to women who feel like they have lost their identity or are unsure of how to find themselves? How would you explain to them the importance of knowing who they are?

If you lost your Identity…just ask God. It sounds so cliché but trust me, “IT WORKS.” He will show you if you ask Him. Ask God to show you who you are and your purpose in life. Go into prayer and take a pencil and pad. Spend more time with God and by yourself. Examine the people around you and what you do frequently. You will see how far you have come just by the circle of friends that you are most closes to. If the group of people that you spend the most time with are not elevating you and transforming you into a person that does not resemble Christ then begin packing it up. You may have to change your circle. It is so important to know Christ because your destiny is tied in knowing Him. It makes your life have more meaning. Life is not just happening around you…You become a full participant.

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