What is Confidence with Maggie Cole

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1. You are a confidence coach. Please explain what that is? What inspired you to become a confidence coach?

A confidence coach simply coaches people simple ways to boost their confidence with positive self-talk, goal setting strategies and tips about how to build their self-esteem & belief in their dreams.

My decision to become a confidence coach came about after walking away from a 3-year relationship consisting of constant verbal and physical abuse. I spent 4 months evaluating my professional goals and myself as a person and decided that my experiences and pain could cause a positive change in the lives of other women who are dealing with or have dealt with similar situations/relationships that are controlling and/or have had a negative affect on their self-esteem and confidence in themselves.

2. At what age do you think women’s confidence starts to be built? What are some things that hinder or stunt the growth of their confidence levels?

Women’s confidence is built beginning as a child. The things we are told repeatedly throughout our lives become our subconscious thoughts. Honestly, I can say that I have memories of my mother and others telling me how smart and pretty I am from age 3.

3. What role does society play in the way women see, carry, and express themselves?

Overall, I feel that society plays a negative role in how women see themselves. Outside influences alter how women talk, walk, dress, and view themselves. Women base their own beauty on how others see them rather than seeing themselves as they are and learning to express their individual personalities and love themselves. The media pushes this “perfect body” image that isn’t realistic for how majority of women live on a busy day to day basis.

4. There is a saying “Actions Speak Louder Than Words” How do you think affirmations and actions go hand in hand? How can one get their actions and words to align?

Affirmations become your subconscious thoughts as you speak them aloud and build a habit of repeating them daily. The words you speak are what you think about, the more you think positive thoughts, you will attract positive results into your life.

5. What inspired you to begin your business She Resets? Tell our readers a little more about it.

She Resets was built on my desire to help women become more confident and build the life of their dreams. Over the years I have become the person all of my friends come to with their problems for advice and guidance or just to vent to. They share what their struggles are and how they wish they could do certain things but they lack the confidence to make their dreams a reality. They limit themselves by not believing they have what it takes to pursue their dreams. Fear of failure is one of the main issues people have when it comes to taking action on a goal they have set. Fear is usually based on their level of confidence. My goal with She Resets is not only to give tips on how to build confidence and set goals but also SHOW women there are a million ways to accomplish their goals and attract whatever they want in life.

6. I know that you have a Happiness Challenge going. What is that? What is your definition of happiness?

The 30-Day Happiness Challenge is a strategic way to create a habit of starting your day with gratitude and slowly add in positive new habits to your daily routine.

The first day consists of writing out 3 things you’re grateful for. You continue this task for the next 29 days.

The second day you write out one significant thing that happened within the past 24 hours & continue that for the next 28 days.

The third day you begin praising someone in your life for something they have done that affected you in a positive way. This task is to praise one person per day for the next 27 days.

The fourth day you begin 15-minute cardio workouts to get yourself active and feel better about your body. You continue this for the next 26 days.

The fifth and final task is to begin meditating at least 5 minutes per day for the next 25 days. Meditating allows you to spend a few moments alone with your thoughts and set a vision for your future and to train your mind to replace negative thoughts with positive ones and attract those positive things into your life.

The goal is to make The 30-Day Happiness Challenge a lasting lifestyle improvement.

During this challenge you will learn:

to wake up grateful,

to appreciate things that happen in your life,

to appreciate the ones who have positively affected you in life,

to add physical activity in your daily routine and lastly,

to meditate and control your thoughts.

More About Maggie Cole

My name is Maggie Cole. I am 23 years old but have just recently decided to start living my life on my terms. I left the corporate job I hated for so long to pursue my dreams. I am passionate about helping others. I am fearless when it comes to accepting new opportunities. I have learned to embrace challenging situations because the feeling of success is much greater after overcoming tough circumstances. I love traveling and extreme sports. My goal as a person and with She Resets is to have a positive impact on every person who comes to me in need; to help people learn to become unconditionally happy; and to teach others how to train their mind to overcome the obstacles in their life instead of allowing them to limit their potential.

I am here to listen and to help in any way that I can.

Her email, phone, & Facebook messenger are always open.

Email: coachmaggiecole@gmail.com
Text: (980)365-9317
Message: www.coachmaggiecole.com/Facebook

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