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Week 2 Discussion Topic: Women who over-analyze…Does the “yes” really mean “no”??

Many people have got the tendency to over analyze an event, issue or concern. Every person is an in born critical thinker, over analyzing develops when a part of it is constantly racing on. Many individual have made it their part of living. Their mental energy gets totally exhausted by spending time on thinking & analyzing situations that are very often worthless. Over analyzing is a part of stress disorder that can disturb your life. Such people lack mental peace, by thinking on not so important situations again & again. This type of nature can affect the routine & mental status. Over analyzing is a situation that makes a person unable to think clearly, he may look at every thing from every angle. It s very important to set proper angle while thinking about a certain event, this will end with an appropriate decision making mind. Over analyzing symptoms include nagging, racing thoughts, high stress levels & trouble while sleeping. It can be termed as a bad habit that is needed to be improved. Ceasing the process of over analyzing can bring back mental peace & sense of healthiness.

What are some of the things that we as women over-analyze and why?? Ladies fill is in!!

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