Rebuild and Restructure: When and how to do it

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Rebuild and Restructure: When and how to do it with Francheska Felderme in yellow headshot

1. What do the words rebuild and restructure mean to you?

  • When I think of the words rebuild and restructure, I think about going back to ground zero, looking to see what is or isn’t working, and how I can improve things for more desired outcome.

2. How have you used these concepts in your life? (career, relationships, parenting, etc)

  • Oh wow, I have been doing a great deal of both in my business life and personal life. Business wise, I have been working to rebrand SwagHer Magazine. Although it’s been almost six years since launching, we did not begin publishing  hard copy issues until 2014, and we started printing in bulk in 2015. That started out kind of rocky, because I was not prepared for the wholesale/retail aspect of business since we had provided a non-tangible good for so long. So a big part of our rebranding has been addressing fulfilling orders more timely and restructuring the process- finding methods that were affordable for our followers as well as us. I also stopped trying to separate my public relations and branding business from the magazine and now we have clients under the magazine. In my personal life, I recently quit my 9-5 to pursue my business full time while also moving. For those who know my story, moving and adjusting to Atlanta has been a big struggle for me because I had to leave my children behind and I hadn’t ever lived in “the city”. I am an introverted, country girl who has been a single mom since 14. I’ve had to adapt to being a mom without my children as well as just trying to understand how the entertainment and media industry works here.

3. Many time we don’t want to start over because of fear or the feeling of failure. What advice do you have to overcome those feelings and being the rebuild or restructure process?

  • Just do it, because no one wants to think back and realize what they missed out on. For me personally, I believe the bigger the outcome, the greater the risk, so although I can be a very timid person at times, I am going to take a chance. When I moved to Atlanta, I was suffering from depression. I packed up all that I could fit in my little car and drove over 400 miles. I left my children and my relationship, so that I would not ever have to wonder if I really gave it my all. I hadn’t ever traveled as far alone and I didn’t even know where I would be staying once I got here. There were times when I was homeless and without transportation.My first job experience was horrible and second job was worse than that. People would  ask why I would not go home, especially since so much of my business is virtual but I believed that SwagHer could grow here unlike in the places I was used to calling home.

4. Tidbits for Women believe there is a difference in Rebuilding and Restructuring. Sometimes things need to be completely lifted from their foundation to be built again (Rebuild) and other times a few modifications are more than enough (Restructure). Our goal is to start rebuilding and restructuring within our communities to strengthen or brother/sisterhood. In your opinion, what are a few suggestions you could give to determine whether to rebuild or restructure?

  • I would say look at the situation in full and then determine how much of it is working effectively to achieve your goal. If you could then look at that as a percentage, from there you can determine if you need to scrap and rebuild or go back and modify things to restructure. My move felt like rebuilding. Now I am trying to restructure my family unit. For example my children are 16, 12, and 10, which means they are old enough to have some input about where to want to live. Because my youngest daughter is in the custody of her dad, it’s hard to say I will just move my oldest two and leave her behind, so we have had to find ways to make things work, although my overall goal is to be wealthy enough to go back to court. That’s why I have been willing to risk so much to ensure my business succeeds.

5. How has your spiritual walk influenced your decision(s) to rebuild or restructure?

  • My spiritual life has been tremendously influential in my rebuilding and restructuring. I pray over everything and then act, so when many thought I was crazy for moving or like just recently, quitting my job, to me I am making the best decisions of my life, because these decisions are steadily guiding me toward my inner peace. My faith is strong, and I am much happier fulfilling my purpose while also doing what I love.
About Francheska Felder
Francheska “Fancy” Felder began SwagHer Magazine as a Mass Communication major at Southern University while also working as a server and moonlighting as an exotic dancer. Inspired by the stories of the first successful Black businesswomen she encountered, she realized how women of all ages and walks in life encounter the same obstacles and want for the same things. Fancy decided to start SwagHer Magazine to inspire other women, and that also led to her own inner peace journey, forcing her to quit dancing.
For the first four years, Fancy learned the ins and outs of the magazine industry and worked on the quality of the content SwagHer produces. She then shifted her focus to offering affordable advertising to small business owners before leaving her family behind, packing up her car, and spontaneously moving to Atlanta.  Though she had no one there or even a place to stay, she networked her way into the entertainment and business communities and continued to grow the magazine’s exposure.
Fancy is well known for her transparency, her passion for helping others succeed, and her Southern hospitality and drawl. In 2015, she was honored at the Black Women in Publications Awards.  Fancy holds her associates degree in  marketing-management from Southwest Mississippi Community College.  She is a mother of three, a lover of life, beautiful people,and lavish things.
Instagram: @swaghermagazine/@fancyswagher

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