Prayer and Direction as a Business Owner

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The Importance of Prayer and Direction as a Business Owner with Essence Yarbrough

Essence Yarbrough is a mother of 2, reflexologist and massage therapist. She’s the owner of De-Stress Foot Reflexology located  in historical downtown Newton, KS. Foot reflexology is a modality that uses reflex points in the feet which correspond to the various organs of the body via the nervous system creating a balancing effect. Essence practices this technique in combination with full body massage therapy. She’s been a business owner and practiced foot reflexology and massage for 7 years. The vision of De-Stress Foot Reflexology is to increase the health of the lives of those in the community and to provide affordable reflexology and clothed massage to as many as possible via in-office and mobile services. De-Stress services companies on-site, hosts De-Stress parties and home groups (for private friends & family sessions). She also enjoys writing and has published a book, Wisdom In Red: The Words of Jesus, which highlights the words of Jesus Christ, her own personal testimonies,  and raises challenging questions to strengthen one’s faith.

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