Living Up to Your Greatest Potential

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Living Up to Your Greatest Potential with Life Coach Jael the Great


1. As a life coach, what are some of the most common concerns or issues you see, that hinder or limit people from living up to their fullest potential?

As a Life Coach, the most common issues that I address more than anything else is fear and low self esteem. I have noticed how peoples lack of confidence and fear of the unknown keeps them from becoming all that they have been created to be. Fortunately through my sessions I have seen people over come these issues by putting in the work, doing the exercises I recommend and changing how they speak. I tell them all the time, life and death are in the power of the tongue and when they change what they say, they change what they see.
2. What advise would give someone on how to align their life with God’s purpose for their life?
For those who are trying to figure out their purpose the first thing I tell them is to seek God. He created them with and for a purpose so who better to ask what a thing was created for than the maker of it. God want’s us to know why we are here and some people know before others and that is ok. The thing is to pay attention to what you have a passion for, what are you good at, what concerns you. When you answer these questions about yourself, they often lead to your purpose. Some people love animals therefore being a veterinarian or working at an animal shelter fulfills them. If you seek, you will find and it will become clear and God will order your steps during the journey.
3. What inspired you to become a Life Coach?
My heart for people and seeing them succeed and live the best life is what inspired me to become a Life Coach. As a motivational speaker, people would come up to me after I spoke needing that one on one attention and more personal guidance so Life Coaching just made sense. The sessions are private and personal and peoples lives are truly changed through them. I am honored that God has chosen me to be a blessing to people and help them realize how amazing and special they are.
4. How does your relationship with God help guide what you do? How does a relationship with Christ help people to obtain their life goals?
Without God I would be so lost. I credit everything to my relationship with Him. I ask for guidance, ideas, information, wisdom, knowledge etc… daily. When I speak,(even in secular arenas) I totally let the Holy Spirit guide my words because I am not wise enough to know what people need to hear and it works. I am am definitely an advocate for people developing a great relationship with God. That relationship that you establish totally helps you with your goals because that relationship builds your faith and confidence allowing you to pursue successfully.
5. What challenges do you think that women face that hinder them from growing and becoming the best they can be?
The challenge that I see most women face is not understanding their worth and value, not developing the skills they need to become great wives and mothers, daughters and friends and allowing their past to hinder them from a great future. I discuss these topics often when I am booked to speak and in my Life Coaching sessions.
6. How can someone who has achieved some of their life goals, but have found themselves in a rut, get themselves on track? What advise would give to that person that wants to start living up to their fullest potential? What to do to get started and to maintain?
If you find yourself in a rut, first know that it happens to everyone. Second evaluate your choices and your current mindset. Sometimes it could be a person being to comfortable and no longer really setting out to reach new goals and sometimes it could just be time to relax and renew. If you want to start living to your fullest potential, you have to make choices that reflect that. Read and study people you admire that are successful in your eyes. Know that you are worth living the best life and do what successful people do, they invest in their minds. They have Life Coaches and mentors helping them along the way. Imitate people like that, that is why they are great. Just Start. Know what it is your want to do, don’t worry about what you don’t have and JUST DO IT.

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