Knowing, Understanding, and Accepting Yourself

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Knowing, Understanding, and Accepting Yourself

with Kathy Blaze Jefferson


1. Many of us suffer with insecurities that may stem as far back as childhood. What are some suggestions on how to begin the building of confidence and embrace your flaws?

First step to building your confidence is acknowledging and confronting where it’s coming from.  Some confidence issues stem from being bullied through childhood and we carried all the way through adulthood without dealing with it.  In some cases the bullying is used as a tool to deal with insecurities, bullying is a self serving tool that makes one feel and hold power over another.  You have to learn to accept that you are different, unique individual that God has created and take small steps at learning to love yourself.  When you love yourself and accept who you are no one can hold that power over you.

2. How has understanding yourself as a whole (good and bad) played a part in the woman you are today?  How has it effected your business?  

Understanding that I can’t change how I was a raised, who raised me and what environment I was raised in, or how I look in the eyes of others.  But knowing that I can only change who and what I am going forward and loving myself as I am. It gives me the opportunity to accept others for who they are and understand our differences while helping them deal with the pieces that are broken within themselves due to low self esteem or confidence issues.

3. The bible teaches us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. This can be an ongoing struggle when we don’t have self- love. Please give an example on how we can eliminate the hate and bring peace and love within our communities. Especially among women?  

Support each other’s struggles and accept that we all are unique individuals, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  My size 16 pants don’t make me any less beautiful than your size 6 pants.  My dark skin doesn’t make me any more black than your fair skin, my wearing a weave doesn’t make me any less conscious to any of the struggles in our communities. I used the examples in the black community but this go’s for women of all ethnicities we all have the same struggle even though we come from different places.

4. What are some ways that you were able to get to know and accept yourself? Did your upbringing help or hinder your positive self image/confidence?  

My upbringing hindered my self-image/confidence due to being bullied as a child.   Modeling and acting helped me with accepting and loving who I am and helped me to be the person that I am today.

5. With you modeling and acting, how important is it to know and stay true to yourself?

I have dealt with confidence issues as a child and have grown to know who I am, the person I want to present to others so being true to myself is highly important.  However as an Actor, becoming a particular character doesn’t take away from me being true to myself.  There are certain things that I won’t do that may be out of my true character as a person.  I always felt that if it’s something that I have to be embarrassed about its not worth doing.

6. How has society impacted your view of yourself, and with women overall? How can we change what societies perception of beauty is?

I truly love myself now, I was once told by a  lady that I needed to eat some humble pie because she must have confused my confidence and love for myself with me being arrogant.  The thing she didn’t realize is that I don’t like humble pie I love cheese cake LOL! But seriously, I was in a bubble for so long of a time in my life due to low self-esteem and no confidence not having the ability to do the things that I dreamed of doing.  Society has only helped me to build this thick walk of confidence around me due to the constant showing me the size, color, shape, age discrimination out there in media, film, magazines, TV and everything that we as  women see visually.   What we can do is continue doing what we do support company’s such as Blazing Curves that’s truly out here to help the community.  If you are an owner of some type of media, TV, film and magazines do your best to be diverse.  Hire more women entrepreneurs.

About Kathy Blaze Jefferson

KATHY BLAZE JEFFERSON, born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona.  I am so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had in my life.  I never dreamed of being a model/ actress or an entrepreneur but I believe it was always there.  The proud mother of a daughter Brittney and Alexis and our two protectors of the couch a Boston terrier and a Boxer. I never discuss my daughter on social media but she is the love of my life.  She enjoys seeing her mother perform and I love seeing the excitement on her face.  When I’m not spending time with my daughter my days are carefully divided up doing all the things that GOD has blessed me with: Being a Model, Actress, Entrepreneur, lending my support to various events and building a plus size community that shows that beauty of fashion comes in all shapes and sizes for men and women.

Currently I am the CEO of Blazing Curves which is a company that I started in 2009 to empower full-figured women, men and children to be confident, love their bodies as they are and have an opportunity to be apart of an industry with a platform to showcase their talent.  In 2013 I became the Co-Owner of Fashion Art and Beauty Weekend which produces 3 events: Blazing Curves (plus size fashion show), Model Wars (designer competition), and Inferno Hair (Hair Competition).  We are going into our 4th annual event and each year has been more successful than the last.

When I’m not modeling I’m also acting, my life is filled with all the things that I love. If I were to describe the hardest time in my life I would say it was when I lost my first child, which was a hard thing for a young mother to deal with.  However, the fondest moments are when I watch the smile on my daughter’s face when she sees her mother perform.

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