Hurt People Hurt People

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Hurt PeopleHurt People

Initially I had a completely different introduction for this blog, but with the recent tragedy that took place in Cleveland I felt compelled to tie that into our series on abuse. Although this tragedy is completely different from what we’ve discussed over the past couple of weeks, there are a few similarities that could indicate the suspect was an abuser. This further proves that hurt people hurt people.

This man states he cried out for help and when he didn’t receive the acknowledgement he felt he deserved, he snapped. I am in no way justifying this sick act of cold blooded murder but what I want to point out is that when we as humans turn a blind eye to those who are mentally unhealthy, we give open opportunity for innocent people to be harmed.

How can we as a society work together to ensure that individuals who have been effected by abuse, depression or other traumatic events get the treatment they need. It’s a vicious cycle that we have to cut off at the root in order to prevent others from becoming victims. I took a stand to break the cycle when I was around 10 yrs old. I was a victim of molestation and I refused to continue to remain silent. I reached out to a lady who would forever change my life for the better. It did not make the pain go away but it gave me hope that there was healing in my future.

As an adult I’ve ¬†battled with depression and ultimately experienced several setbacks in life that were probably a result from my childhood. I was hurt and I’m almost certain that my pain and emotional strain was inflicted upon someone else.¬† Suffering from emotional abuse can cause long term effects and prevent your from living your life to it’s fullest potential. This is why it’s important to take heed to the warning signs and red flags of the abused. If a person seems to have erratic behavior, is depressed, abuses drugs or alcohol, isolates themselves more than normal or displays extreme anger or rage, encourage them to get the help they need so they can begin the journey to their healing before it’s too late.

NaTamara Newton
-Co-Founder of Tidbits for Women

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