Feeling Disappointed In Others: Look at yourself

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So, lately have noticed that I have been experiencing extreme disappointment in those that are closest to me. It can be very hurtful to find out that humans are just that, Human! I have been forced to look at myself to find out why I am feeling the way I am. Here a a few things I now understand:

  1. I realize that we tend to put people closest to us on pedestals
  2. We look to others to fill our voids
  3. We often hold people to expectations that we would never be able to uphold ourselves
  4. It can be easier to point the finger at others, rather than our self

What can I do with the information I have discovered? LOOK AT MYSELF! I need to look at myself and ask:

  1. Am I putting someone in the place where only my Creator can sit?
  2. Am I looking for someoneĀ  to fill a void? If so, is that the person’s responsibility to do that?
  3. Are my expectations aligned with reality?
  4. Have I taken a moment to look at myself in the situation?

What a challenge this will be, but once I master this and truly accept people for who they are, it will release me from some of the “emotional expectations” I have of others! My ultimate goal is to understand that I have everything I need from The Most High and it is inside of me.

Only then will I seek to appreciate and understand the good and not so good of others!


Ashant’e Clayborne Roberson, Founder of Tidbits for Women


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