Ashant’e Clayborne Roberson and NaTamara Newton co-founded Tidbits for Women in 2011.  Ashant’e and NaTamara felt called by The Most High to create Tidbits for Women during a time when they realized that there is no other way to fill the void(s) in their lives but by walking in their purpose. They also realized that there was no real platform for, Believing/Christian women, to discuss those hard topics such as Intentional Dating, Abuse and Mental health, Exploring Who You Are, Sex, and a variety of other topics. Ashant’e and NaTamara believe that women should be able to talk about these issues and that there are biblical solutions to all of them.

Tidbits for Women is here to help empower, educate, enlighten and encourage women to find and walk in their calling.  This is a positive discussion forum in which women can openly express their opinions and experiences on various subject matters. Every week there will be a fresh, new topic or discussion question in which our viewers are encouraged to respond and/or elaborate on.

We are always open to new subject matter, so please do not hesitate to contact us!! For speaking engagements or information about the book, please email us at or call 847-208-1472